Custom Iron Driveway Gates

Tasteful Iron Driveway Gates For Any Style!

Cerda*Fied iron gates and fences offer a luxurious addition to your yard or driveway. Proudly serving Houston, Katy & Sugar Land TX, our fences and gates give your home or business a sense of security and exclusivity while also enhancing your property with the elegance of our metalwork. We specialize in creating stylish, unique and durable driveway gates and fences for residential and commercial properties. Whether you prefer a traditional look or you would like to go for more of a modern feel, we can create the perfect fence or gate for you. 

An iron gate can add a sense of exclusivity and sophistication to your home or commercial property. We can perfectly customize the color, design and shape of your driveway gate to represent the style of your home or commercial property. We can custom-fabricate your logo to place it onto the gate or add small details into the fence to make it your own. We are willing to complete any iron piece to your stipulations.

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Inspiration is waiting for you. View our iron driveway gates & fences gallery to see what we can do!


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